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The Ripple Effect: How (extra)ordinary people’s dreams are benefiting others

I moved to Fanny Bay two years ago and am touched by the warmth of the people and the entrepreneurial spirit in the Comox Valley. So I am starting a blog to reach people who had a dream or vision and manifested it. 

I have prepared a number of questions for you to consider. They come from the heart rather than from a business approach. Dreams are the language of the heart pointing to our true purpose. Your story is meant to serve as a source of inspiration. 

As a professional DreamBuilder coach my own dream is to ‘infect’ readers with a sense of empowerment and courage. I am helping them  create a vision-driven life they adore. When people follow their dreams, however small, they come alive. Having a sense of purpose and joy produces mental and physical well-being which gets then passed on to others around us. Hence the Ripple Effect.


Our dreams and visions are born out of our longings and/or discontents.
1. When did you first notice any of the above?
2. What thoughts and feelings were coming up for you at the time?
3. How long had you known about your dream? Was it gradual or sudden, strong or vague?
4. What concerns/fears came up for you?
5. How did you deal with them?
6. What helped you make the final decision?
7. What skills and background knowledge did you bring to assure success?
8. What risks were you willing to take?
9. What was the underlying motivation to choose your particular business/career?
10. How great was your awareness/desire to serve others through your business?
11. In what way do you see your business benefiting the general public?
12. On a scale from 1(lowest) to 10 (highest) where would you put your level of satisfaction?
13. In what areas do you feel the greatest satisfaction (well being, relationships, livelihood, time and money freedom?

I will submit my finished blog to you for approval. It will be published on my website, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Tidechange, and local/ international publications. (I speak French, Spanish, and German)

Thank you so very much for your contribution to the message of empowerment and joy in this world.


Dorothea Gordon B.A. M.Ed
Certified DreamBuilder Coach

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