Editor’s Note: This is the second article in a series created by Dorothea Gordon where she showcases individuals and business owners in the Comox Valley who had a dream, goal, or vision and made it come true, benefiting our community in the process.

Sometimes we know exactly what we want to do with our life. Other times the route is not as direct, we are led to make changes because of a situation we don’t like, circumstances we feel uncomfortable with, or just simple necessity. When we listen to our heart/intuition and what it whispers, we are open to let new developments unfold. We are ready to grow. When we can use our natural talents and skills it heightens our sense of satisfaction and success. This is obvious in the following story.

 I (Dorothea) first read about Brian’s OMG Macarons in The Record newspaper shortly after it had opened in December 2018 in downtown Comox. I made a note because I love macaroons and I feel less gluttonous when I eat five dainty ones rather than a big slice of cake!  And I can assure you – they are a real pick-up treat – but put me in a quandary because they are too beautiful to eat…..’


Brian Tyacke considers himself a constant but flexible dreamer. He went to university for a long time pursuing a career in social sciences, studying criminology and doing front line work. While he felt it was fruitful for his soul, he also realized that it was something he didn’t want to do for a long time. He was aware that the road he was going down wasn’t going to help him financially or give him long-term security at the rate he wanted it to. Intuitively he also wondered if his talents would best be expressed in the field of academia. After working in criminology for a couple of years and after the end of his contract he came back to the Comox Valley.

Brian had previously worked in the food industry and at the age of 19, he remembers now, conjured up ideas (dreams) about owning his own restaurant or shop. Due to 14 years of experience in the field he went back to bar tending. That gave him an opportunity to refine his skills for creating cocktails and flavour profiles. Then he started on the journey of learning how to bake and do pastries because that’s a part of the food industry he had never participated in before.

While bar-tending Brian experimented with pastries on the side as a hobby. He ended up with more than he could  eat and  decided to sell them on social media. When he started making the macarons they became a very highly sought-after item. People kept requesting them which prompted him to do research into the market. Given his experience of 17 years in the food industry, working front and back, and 14 years with flavour profiling and bar tending he felt he was able to move those skills into a business. He understands what people really want, the kind of flavours that appeal to them, the aesthetic presentation of the food. He claims to be a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to the things he creates because he himself has a high standard as a customer. He feels that food presentation should be artistic and therefore puts a lot of work into this aspect of his business.

Brian is extremely satisfied with the results he has achieved so far considering he has only been in business for four months. One of the great rewards is the amounts of smiles and wonderful reviews he has received from customers and the community. That response alone has been very satisfying for him, just to know that he’s on the right track and contributing joy and pleasure to people’s lives. He says it feels humbling to be so well received in the downtown Comox core and to have such a great experience of success. His only problem right now is keeping enough macaroons in stock!! but he also wants to increase his capacity and hire staff. He highly recommends that anyone interested in starting a business take a few of the NIC business courses because they provide helpful tools.

Brian says that he is a risk taker and believes that if you don’t take risks there is no reward. He’s rather philosophical when he says that, if you just sit on your behind all the time, at the end of the day you don’t want to lie on your deathbed wishing you had tried to live your dream. He advises to have a clear vision of what you want to see happening in your life, keep taking consistent steps  (sometimes hard work) toward that goal and watch your dream unfold. He says if you want something badly enough you don’t knock on doors, you kick them down – figuratively speaking, of course. Watch out, Brian, that may just happen to your own door!

Location: 1822 Comox Avenue, Comox, B.C.

Open: 11 am-4 pm Tues – Sat

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Bio: Dorothea L. Gordon, B.A.,  M.Ed.

Her passion is teaching people to unlock their true potential, achieve their goals and live a life they absolutely adore. For over 30 years, Dorothea has been studying universal laws. As a certified DreamBuilder coach, she is now teaching them to people who are ready to pursue their dreams. She is helping them get greater clarity about what they really want, accelerate their results and create richer, more fulfilling lives. Dorothea is a former high school teacher of foreign languages and has recently retired to the Comox Valley – where she is living her dream life.

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