Editor’s Note: This is the third article in a series created by Dorothea Gordon where she showcases individuals and business owners in the Comox Valley who had a dream, goal, or vision and made it come true, benefiting their community in the process.

In order to be able to live our dream life, we sometimes have to move a few mountains or move from one country to another. We think we are living a happy and contented life where we are, when suddenly we wake up and realize there is so much more. We start to see new possibilities for fulfillment and become aware of dormant strengths. Clarity and determination to follow our bliss allow us to overcome all sorts of obstacles. That can be said about the heroine of the following story.

 After I (Dorothea) had moved to Fanny Bay and was driving along the beautiful waterfront on my way to Courtenay, I would often look up to the majestic building on the slope to my left, wondering who the people were who had created an inviting place like this. Then a while back I read about their latest award and knew I had to find out the story behind the owners.

Carolyn’s and Steve’s Story

Carolyn Touhey comes across as a woman of passion, strength, and graciousness. She is fully aware of her fortuitous life and exudes deep gratitude for all the big and little things that make her life so abundant: her family, her home, the richness of her environment, the fascinating guests she meets in her Two Eagles B&B, which she and her husband built in 2007. It’s a magical place that brings so much joy to her and others.

Carolyn owned a successful marketing business in Baltimore when she became a widow at age 35. This experience gave her a new awareness for the preciousness of life and fostered a more ‘carpe diem’ attitude about a work-life balance. When Steve Touhey, a friend’s brother, agreed to escort her to a wedding, the Universe offered her a compatible partner who shared her work ethics and dreams. They fell in love and got married in 2001.

With her experience and skills in marketing and his in construction they had a sound basis for success in a joint business venture. They discussed their desire for a different pace of life in a less congested region. Also, they were clear on some of the details of their vision like being close to water and mountains and living in a small community. With this blueprint, Life put them on a track towards the fulfillment of their dream.

In June 2004, Carolyn presented marketing workshops at a conference in Vancouver where someone suggested a visit to the Island. That was it – they had landed in paradise. They returned to Maryland, but something was calling them back to the Island. They returned in August because they knew they wanted to own some property here. During their third visit in October they checked out 70+ properties in the Comox Valley and decided on 12 wooded acres in Union Bay with spectacular water and mountain views. Their first blueprint had manifested.

They signed the contract on their third wedding anniversary on October 13, and called their new property “Two Eagles”, unaware that there was a pair of nesting eagles right across the street. They found that out later.

The couple also discovered that it took deep commitment and determination to continue with their dream. It required tenacity, passion, a willingness to trust that things would work out while dealing with unforeseen obstacles.

It was a vulnerable time for them because immigration was a challenge filled with requirements and deadlines, but the Canadians bureaucrats came through in the end. The Touheys also needed to trust local contractors to clear their land and start construction while they were back in Maryland preparing for the move to Union Bay with their household and five horses. What an undertaking – but the Universe favours those who move out of their own way and let what’s best for them unfold.

The couple knew what they wanted, and they kept manifesting it thus proving the principle that everything is created twice: first in our imagination and then in our reality. A vision requires that we stay focused on the end result while we are in the midst of upheaval. So, the Touheys willingly accepted living on the property in a trailer for several months, while Carolyn worked with clients via the internet and Steve worked with the builder to complete the 3000 sq. foot house and to landscape the property to be ready for guests the following year.

Two months after moving into the main house Steve started construction of the B&B wing.

Nurturing an all-consuming dream produces incredible stamina when we see it come to life in front of our eyes. The energy just flows into whatever project we’re creating if it’s for our highest good and serving others as well. The more we are committed, the more ‘Life support’ we get.

Coming from a heart-centered approach, the Touheys have created a deeply welcoming ambiance for their guests who can sit on the patio overlooking the ocean in the summer, roast marshmallows and enjoy wine and chocolate around the fire, listen to the songs of local musicians……all surrounded by the timeless beauty of nature. Eagles soaring, sea lions barking, soft breezes. Delicious food for the body, heart, and soul.

As if this weren’t enough, the Touheys host community fundraisers, parties, group meetings, and have donated over 150 gift certificates to more than 50 organisation’s fundraisers. For all their generosity to the community and commitment to the guest experience, they have received numerous awards. Yet, despite their recognition, they are down to earth and grateful, enjoying their blessings, especially their grandsons, and their role as “Island Ambassadors.”  We are truly fortunate to have them as our neighbours!

Location: 6409 Island Highway S., Union Bay,  B.C.

Call 250- 335-2342



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