When I was in my mid-forties I became aware of a sense of restlessness, a feeling that there must be more to life that what I was living. Where had all my dreams for a promising life gone? What had I done to be down in the dumps physically and emotionally? I did live in a nice house, had a career as a high school teacher, my children were no trouble.

But I felt unfulfilled, didn’t know what I wanted. I didn’t intend to start yet another business after having failed at three others. So I took inventory: My marriage was failing, as was my health, I was constantly stressed out from my work, I felt isolated and miserable.

Having spent 15 years studying spiritual and universal laws and experiencing success with my healing practice – what wasn’t I getting in spite of all my intellectual training? And then it hit me! I wasn’t listening to what my heart was crying out for – namely love, joy, fun, exuberance, compatible friends, financial independence, time for myself, soul nurturing activities.

I knew I had to make some gut-wrenching decisions, tear down the old structure of my life to be able to build a new one. I won’t go into any details, just say that it was the most painful and courageous thing I had ever done. How I wish I had had a knowledgeable coach available then, someone to help me create a vision and show me the steps to realize my dreams. Instead I had to work it all out on my own. Years and years of trial and error, until I finally managed to create bliss in my life.

When I found out about the DreamBuilder program it totally resonated with me. I decided to become a certified DreamBuilder coach and bring the program to others who were searching for vision-driven guidance to create a life they loved. If that’s what you’re looking for – let’s talk!