The other day I read a quote by one of my favourite authors, Louise Hay: “In order to change your life outside, you must change inside. The moment you are willing to change, it is amazing how the Universe begins to help you. It brings you what you need.”

While going through my own spiritual transformation, I experienced this truth over and over once I realized that Life was on my side. Now I apply that simple approach all the time. When I need something specific, I have a little conversation with the Universe stating clearly what I would like. I often notice that when I request something that’s beneficial to others as well, ideas come, books and people show up, an article on the Internet jumps out, and so on.

I use the ‘Universal’ helpline especially for clients who come to me for energy treatments. I have cases where people have debilitating symptoms which do not respond to the allopathic approach. They realize that they have to make changes on some level in order to allow healing to occur. The clients who create a higher frequency inside themselves are able to receive the healing vibrations more easily. The process turns into a learning experience and leads to an inner paradigm shift. Now they feel empowered to improve and manage their state of health by using new insights and tools.

While other practitioners like to keep their clients coming back, I prefer them to become independent and teach them how to take care of themselves more efficiently. To paraphrase a statement from the Bible: instead of giving them a ‘fish’ every time they come, I show them how to ‘fish’ and help them become more discerning with their life style choices.

In closing I hope you feel inspired to bring greater well-being into your life by starting with small changes. They are easier to maintain and may have amazing results. I would like to invite you to use my book and newsletter for motivation. There you can read about the changes Life encouraged me to make to achieve greater mental and physical health.