Happiness is the ultimate end result for our every dream and goal no matter what we envision. Our brains and bodies crave it because it makes us feel alive. It’s what every organism strives for – aliveness through balance and harmony.

Happiness looks different for everyone. It may come in the form of joy, laughter, money, time to pursue our passions, a loving compatible partner, a deep connection to people and projects dear to our hearts, vibrant health and energy.

Having a clear end result in mind is the first and most important step. Focusing on the outcome allows us to move toward realizing our dream. Yet many people believe they need to know HOW to get to the end result before they even take their dream seriously. They want reassurance that the economy is right, they have the money and skills. Rather than considering the causes that have created the dream in the first place, they create their BE-causes: why they can’t make their dreams come true: I can’t quit my unfulfilling job or career BE-cause I’d lose my benefits; I can’t take this trip BE-cause I can’t take time off work; I can’t find a partner Be-cause I am too old; etc. People allow circumstances to dictate their unwillingness to take action. They feel powerless and helpless and don’t consider what it costs them to stay in the same unsatisfactory situation year after year.

The Universe loves action – even when it seems we are going in the wrong direction at first. Like a GPS it redirects us until we are on the road to out destination – our desired end result. Just doing something gets the ball rolling: making that phone call; answering that ad; meeting with someone who can help us; etc.

Being clear, committed and focused on our happy end result is very important – but so is a support system that operates on the level of our dream. Successful people surround themselves with a mastermind group or a coach who supports them, empowers them, keeps them on track, and makes them accountable. I would like to invite you to contact me for a free discovery session to explore your dreams and find out more about the steps you can take to manifest it. It is a fascinating journey of self-discovery and miracles. Check out my website dtlc.ca and come on board!