Far Reaching Impact

How a true story can have an affect on individuals who resonate with it.

Dorothea Gordon


Even though it feels like I’m on the bottom rung of the ladder as an author, I’m starting to see a number of promising places where my book is showing up.

The other day I opened the door to the Union Bay library and a copy of “When Life Has Other Plans…” was staring at me from the front shelf. Next time I went there the book was gone; it had been borrowed. Then I heard from my friends in Costa Rica, who are featured in chapter 20, that they had ordered a copy and the daughters were translating it for their parents. I received many compliments such as that they felt honoured to have met me and that the book was brilliant. I also know that my book made it to the UK, South Africa, and the USA.

It humbles me to think that my life story is having a positive effect on others and that those readers are passing the book on to family and friends. One gentleman wrote that he had to wait for his wife and sister-in-law to read the book before he got a chance. It apparently inspired him to go deeper into his soul and make some changes. He’s also going to send a copy to his brother-in-law in Edmonton because that gentleman’s family needs to find some comfort after losing a young son. I know of other readers who have lost loved ones to drug overdoses and who are trying to make sense out of their tragedies.

Therein lies the forte of my story.  It speaks to people’s experiences of loss, illness, mental health issues, spiritual questions, and they resonate on a heart level. I noticed that the most enthusiastic testimonials came from readers whose lives had been turned upside down and who were grateful to realize that I had to go through similar events and came out ahead.

In closing I am very happy to know that my book does not only soothe readers’ hearts but also keeps them spellbound with the variety of experiences I relate. Go ahead and buy it for yourself or as a gift you’d like to give to someone who is open to a paradigm shift.


When Life Has Other Plans...
...Discover the Hidden Gifts

Dorothea tells the story of her unusual awakening to the many gifts Life had been offering her - once she was able to see them. Her messages bring deep insights, peace, and solace to those who find themselves in challenging or unexpected circumstances and are searching for meaning and ways to deal with them. 

By opening up her heart Dorothea addresses the many opportunities for growth embedded in these lessons. Coming from the perspective of a spiritual being having a human experience she shows that there is a way out of suffering by using her own challenging experiences as examples. With humour and practical suggestions, she inspires readers to use their new-found awareness to create a more fulfilling reality.

If you’ve been craving a more meaningful existence, you may find this easy to read book a great source of motivation.

ISBN-13: 979-8647991843