Froschele’s Arrival

Two new gifts from Life: becoming an author and a grandmother

Dorothea Gordon

I have recently resurfaced in two new roles: one as an author and two as a grandmother, both with their own but rewarding challenges

One day last January, while I was typing away on my book, the news came that my daughter-in-law had gone into labour. I was so excited, I rushed to Victoria to meet my first ever grandchild. A beautiful little girl whom her parents named Chandlyr, after Chandler Bing of the ‘Friends’ TV series. Not my first choice but her parents are great fans. I call her ‘Froschele’ which means ‘Little Frog’, a Bavarian term of endearment.   

Of course, Froschele couldn’t have been more beautiful, considering that she had me as her Oma… A feeling of awe but also insecurity swept over me when I first saw her. It was a totally new position I had never been in before; I had no practice. I had never bothered to read up on proper grandmotherly etiquette. But when I was holding her in my arms, I just let my heart speak and the bond was there immediately. This time I would have all the privileges and none of the obligations I had with my own children. It would be so much fun watching her grow, because I would be more conscious of her unfolding. I had missed important stages with my own children because I had too many other things on my plate at that time.

The day after coming home from Victoria, I received worrisome news: Froschele was in the hospital with blood poisoning. Her mother, Kristy, had noticed that the baby wasn’t waking up nor feeding enough. Bless her maternal instincts because they saved her daughter’s little life. The doctors didn’t know what had caused the poisoning so they put her on 10 days of antibiotics and kept her in the hospital. She responded well and I know that my sending her healing vibrations also contributed to her thriving again quickly.

In conclusion I can say that I am deeply grateful for Froschele’s having come into my life and how much I am looking forward to unravel the spiritual secret she is carrying. That’s how I knew that she wasn’t going to leave this earth plane soon.

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