Are you aware that your heart runs the show? There are more messages going from your heart to your brain that from your brain to your heart. The heart cares for your emotional wellbeing through several approaches that you may often not be aware of.

1. Whispers – when you hear or see things which resonate with your feelings. A phrase in a book that touches you; a picture of an animal; a beautiful sunset. All of a sudden you become aware of a feeling of love inside your chest. That’s your heart speaking to you.

2. Restlessness – you know intuitively there is something missing in your life but you can’t put your finger on it. Your heart is expressing its desire to see you happy.

3. Discontent – you start paying attention to all the big and small irritations in your life and wonder how much longer you’re going to put up with them. Your heart is waking you up.

4. Longings – you daydream about the way things could be; you realize there is still so much you want to create.

5. Happy memories – in your mind’s eye you see scenarios from your past where you felt happy and content; you want to recreate those feelings in the now.

You may have experienced all of the above at different times of your life.

The question is: how aware were you that it was your heart speaking to you? It may have indicated that a stage of your life was finished and it was time to move on. You may have acquired the skills to start something new. Not necessarily in body but perhaps in mind. Try something new that makes you stretch and grow.

But how often do you satisfy your heart’s desires? How often do you allow the voices of fear to discourage you: “this is too difficult; I don’t deserve this; what if I fail; and so on.” What you haven’t perhaps realized yet is the fact that the Universe/ Infinite Intelligence has your back. It wants you to thrive and grow, to reach your potential. You came into this life with many gifts and talents and unless you use them, you’ll always be searching to express them.

You probably know people who are teaching, writing, volunteering, and so on, for the benefits of others. But it’s also for their own benefit. They have an aura of contentment around them because they’re listening to their hearts.
Speaking for myself – I know what makes my heart content. Covid isolation has given me a great opportunity to reflect on my heart’s desires. I’ve discovered a number of enriching activities such as writing books, volunteering in a club I joined, walking my neighbours’ dogs; and giving free laser acupuncture treatments to friends.

Sit down every once in a while, and ask your heart: What is it you really want? What would make you content and joyful? And then listen if any of the above messages come through.

In closing I encourage you to check in with your heart regularly because that way you create mental emotional health. You create the balance you need to extend your longevity.