Imagination as a life skill

How Fairy Tales can serve as role models

Dorothea Gordon

In my younger formative years, I was surrounded by adults whose favourite pastime was exchanging intriguing stories about their lives, present and past – since there was no media entertainment available in post-war Bavaria (Germany). I would hide in a corner within listening distance trying to make sense of all the words swirling around me and wondering what MY life would look like. When my Oma (Granny) told me fairy tales, I often identified with the brave heroines and cheered for them when they overcame adversity. I admired their strength, courage, persistence, and wanted to be just like them. And, of course, hoped for a prince to come along…

While I was writing my book ‘When Life Has Other Plans…’, I became aware of just how much my own life is built on the structure of a fairy tale. Too many times it didn’t go the way I had imagined it. Instead it presented me with all sorts of challenges and therefore ample opportunities to use the character traits I had so admired in my heroines. During the process of my awakening (I’ve always known I was a sleeping beauty) I discovered many gifts of wisdom hidden in my lessons. I am now sharing them with others so they, too, can create an inspired and conscious life.

In conclusion I would like to invite you to use your imagination through day-dreaming, visualizing, reading, and even envisioning happy endings to challenging situations. Try it, it’s very relaxing!

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When Life Has Other Plans...
...Discover the Hidden Gifts

Dorothea tells the story of her unusual awakening to the many gifts Life had been offering her - once she was able to see them. Her messages bring deep insights, peace, and solace to those who find themselves in challenging or unexpected circumstances and are searching for meaning and ways to deal with them. 

By opening up her heart Dorothea addresses the many opportunities for growth embedded in these lessons. Coming from the perspective of a spiritual being having a human experience she shows that there is a way out of suffering by using her own challenging experiences as examples. With humour and practical suggestions, she inspires readers to use their new-found awareness to create a more fulfilling reality.

If you’ve been craving a more meaningful existence, you may find this easy to read book a great source of motivation.

ISBN-13: 979-8647991843