Editor’s Note: This is the fourth article in a series created by Dorothea Gordon where she showcases individuals and business owners in the Comox Valley who had a dream, goal, or vision and made it come true, benefiting their community in the process.

I first met Lourdes Gant in one of my DreamBuilder workshops in Comox. I wasn’t aware that I was in the presence of an extremely accomplished young woman with an outstanding success history and a number of business awards. She and her husband Eric Gant own Manatee Holdings Ltd., based in Royston, and are in the process of creating the most environmentally beneficial food production on land or sea anywhere in the world.

Lourdes is an immigrant from the Philippines. Her mother always emphasized how important an excellent education was to create a successful life. However, even though her mother was very well educated she unfortunately didn’t have applicable skills to make a good living. Lourdes’s father had not finished high school, and therefore found only menial jobs. So the family could barely afford the basic necessities. But her parents sacrificed and borrowed money to allow their two children to go to private schools. Lourdes remembers how embarrassed she felt having to wear hand-me-down clothes at school. She wanted what the rich girls had. It spurred her on to study very hard as a child, and won many scholarships to help finance a good education from the finer schools in the Philippines. She dreamed of making it big in the world.

Being extremely bright and confident she went for a Bachelor in Science – Accountancy at the Polytechnic University, where she graduated cum laude. She also received an MBA for Middle Managers at the Ateneo Graduate School of Business in the Philippines. When she graduated she was hired by one of the top accounting firms in the Far East. But this became a very stressful life that she wanted to leave behind so she could follow her magical dreams. In school she’d had a Canadian professor who always talked about the quality of life in Canada. So Lourdes’s decided to apply for a visa. At age 24 she was so highly qualified she didn’t even have to go for an interview at the Canadian embassy to secure her visa.

Even as a six year old child she somehow understood the power of the mind. She could imagine things which then came to pass. So she followed the guidance of her intuition and trained with the Silva Mind Control School. When she came to Canada she realized that there were many more of these thought training tools available. With her insatiable desire to expand upon her abilities she enhanced her skill levels in creative visualization, memorization, and goal setting imprinting. And became a high level dream builder with an amazing capacity to visualize her dreams into reality.

After immigrating in 2004 Lourdes found a job in her accounting field as the Chief Finance Officer (CFO) in a Canadian construction firm that had operations in both North and South America. But she also had a part-time coaching/mentoring business on the side. She had a very flexible boss who allowed her to travel while she worked for him as his CFO. She went to Thailand to train with famous coaches and became a certified Law of Attraction speaker. She was featured in the Filipino version of the popular movie/documentary The Secret! She still coaches people online in Europe and Asia as a member of an international business group which she joined when she was in Barcelona receiving one of her many business awards.

Her abilities in the life skills field brought into her life a highly compatible man. She met him at a seminar in 2007 during one of the personal development events she attended in Vancouver. He had come to the event to learn how to change the quality of his life from the inside out. A few months later they were married on a white sandy beach off Diamond Row on Grand Bahama Island.

Lourdes moved to Vancouver Island with her new husband and realized she was in for yet another profound life change: becoming a mother. She then began working in the family aquaculture business, going from motivating and interacting with people to suddenly dealing with geoducks, sea cucumbers, urchins and oysters. Because of her business savvy, PROFIT and Chatelaine Magazines have recognized Lourdes as one of Canada’s Top 100 Women Entrepreneurs in 2012 (number 84) and in 2014 (number 5).

She loves small town life with its peace and quiet, relative to the high stress life she was living in the Philippines. The Comox Valley is now her home. But she also spends every winter in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico where she works with her husband running their business electronically. Her son is learning how speak Spanish fluently, and goes to top school in Puerto Vallarta for six months each year.  You can follow her adventures on Instagram as @passionatementoring.

Lourdes has created her dream life by knowing exactly what she wants and taking the necessary steps toward her goals. Because of her commitment she has manifested all sorts of amazing breakthroughs that have taken her from her poverty stricken life as a child to her present international lifestyle working in a profoundly needed and interesting business.

She’s a force to be reckoned with in the field of innovative and sustainable aquaculture business in our region! Both the people and the planet will benefit from her existence here in the Valley. Let’s see what she will dream up over the next 50 years.

Contact: Manatee Holdings Ltd.  www.sustainableaquaculture.ca

Learn about sustainable aquaculture practices and geoducks on Manatee Holdings’ Hatchery Tours from June 11-15th, 2019 as a part of the BC Seafood Festival: http://rezgo.me/1smsc

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