Before I became a DreamBuilder and Transformational life coach, I had a very set way of seeing the world. I could not imagine that I had any say in what was going to happen to me in my life. – So I endured – illnesses, breakups, money problems, etc. Been there, done that.

Now that I have gone through the process re-patterning old paradigms and into greater self-awareness that allows me to see more possibilities than ever – and have experienced how the Universe provides abundance – I’m living my dream life in a beautiful environment, with a loving partner, have time and freedom to explore many new activities, – and am awed by the way things keep falling into place.

You can have a similar experience when you learn to discern what you really want to see happening in your life. Not what you THINK you’d love, do, or give! Where you ask yourself what it is deep down you’d like to try, – instead of looking at circumstances and conditions that tell you it’s impossible. You engage in a constant inquiry to find out what really matters to you. – If you are at a crossroad in your life right now, look at it at as a gift. You can make a conscious choice of how you want to impact the quality of your life. Happiness is the biggest aspect of longevity!

If you ask yourself regularly: “What would I love, how would I love to use my time and talents? “ – you would notice a different world around you. – With your new perceptions, you will wonder what took you so long to see what’s possible and what you are capable of. The outside world will then reflect back to you what’s going on in your inside world!

When you decide to live a vision-driven life of your own design – rather than one by default, you move to a vibrational level where amazing things can happen. I see this with my clients time and again. When they invest in themselves – sometimes for the first time in a long time – they come alive in new ways. –

As an experienced coach, I can support you step by step on your journey towards joy and GENUINE contentment. Remember when you work with ME you have a real person – not a recycled voice on the internet. Check out my website DTLC.ca. I look forward to hearing from you.