In my conversation with Dr. Dan Amzallag, he plays the devil’s advocate. He therefore challenges me to provide examples of paranormal events in my life to establish my credibility.

In his opinion, for many people metaphysical sciences are just a focus on spirits and psychics/mediums that connect with spirits. How can the Invisible World communicate with our world if people don’t understand the intricacies of this process?

We discuss the many challenges I had to go through in my life and the paranormal events I experienced. I share how I almost drowned and how a boat showed up and pulled me to shore. When I turned around to thank my savior, he and the boat had disappeared.  I give other examples of the help I received from winged and un-winged angels and how many helpful unexpected events that kept me on track.

Synchronicities show up in my life all the time because I’ve tuned into a wavelength where I can send out my requests to the Invisible World and the receive the answers. They come in the form of ‘accidental’ clicks on the internet or people I meet. They know what to do to solve my problem! Or I find a book that contains exactly what I need to know. The possibilities are endless but I need to be awake to see them.

Dr. Dan proposes that sensitives like myself are able to share the magic behind the belief that the Spirit World is there to support us when we ask. The energy beings will not act without an invitation. The latter may be a cry or a whisper but they hear us and step in if it in our best interest.

Dr. Dan asks listeners to keep an open mind around the many positive things that can happen when we are in distress, no matter whether they are supernatural or not.
I invite you listen to this 25 min. podcast and see what’s in it for you.