Making this podcast with fellow dream builder Jochem Doolaard, Personal Leadership Expert of ‘dreambuildrs’ was so much fun. I really felt his genuine interest in my subject, his own desire and openness to learn new information and perspectives. His pertinent questions allowed me to go deep and talk about many different scenarios such as how to deal with adversities and succeed anyway. He invited me to share my personal experiences, insights, wisdom, and many helpful tips and tools for the listeners.

The goal in DreamBuilding is to manifest rewarding results for health, relationships, career, money, and time freedom more easily. When you listen to this podcast you’ll be able to apply some of this information right away and experience the benefits. As long as you are clear with what you want and believe that you deserve it, it will eventually show up if it’s for your highest good. If it doesn’t manifest, it may be because it would be to your disadvantage or there may be something better available for you. I have had this happen so many times in my life that I trust that the Universe really has my best interest in mind. And yours as well.