In this podcast episode, Kelly and James zero in on my personal experiences with past life regressions. The intent is to educate listeners about the possibility that they have lived before.
We also address the findings from my research which reveals that we create a blueprint for our lives before we take on a physical body. We make an agreement with other spirits that they will show up as our parents, siblings, teachers, lovers, neighbours, bosses, and so on. Depending on those roles, they can make our lives better or worse. But the ultimate purpose is for us to stretch and grow.

Exploration of Past Life Regression is both fascinating and healing. Research has shown that sometimes issues in our lives can stem from previous incarnations and need to be healed on a soul level rather than with medication or talk therapy.

If you’d like to know more, check out my book When Life Has Other Plans… Discover the Hidden Gifts, where I write more in-depth about my own experience with regression.

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