We can experience new outcomes before they have manifested.

There are more and more scientists doing research in the quantum field which they call The Realm of Possibility. Their experiments show that when we keep focusing our energy in a certain area, we can create miraculous results. I have seen that happen several times in my life, such as my successfully manifesting an ideal partner. All I did was imagine what my life would be like with him around. Eventually he showed up, fresh from the east coast…

One of my favourite changemakers is Dr. Joe Dispenza. He so obviously loves to teach people how to use their innate energies to heal themselves. He proposes that when the body can create an illness, it can also heal it. His results and testimonials are astounding and very encouraging. People who use his information or attend his workshops frequently heal themselves of the most frightening illnesses.

The secret is to change the mind’s busy everyday frequencies and move into a slower wavelength. Among other things this can be achieved through meditation – which is not everybody’s cup of tea because it requires focus. Nowadays we all get so easily distracted by our environment. So we can’t hear the messages that come through to us from the Invisible World.

Meditation allows us to relax inside. It puts us into a state of calmness where we acknowledge the appearing thoughts but don’t dwell on them. Once we are in a suggestible state, we can use our visualization skills to create images of what it would feel like to have vibrant health, better finances, more loving relationships, and so on.

The mind doesn’t know if what you are imagining is real or not. It takes the information at face value and the body responds to it. So if you have a situation you are unhappy with, you can program yourself with the desired outcome by means of meditative imagination.

Simply sit in a quiet place for half an hour to an hour. Deeply feel what it would be like to be perfectly healthy, content, grateful, and so on. Then see yourself in your new state of wellbeing. You can run a mind movie where you feel as vibrant and alive as you did when life was going your way. The more often you do that, the more the body believes that the environment  is real. It doesn’t know the difference between real and imagined. So it begins to make the new chemicals necessary to manifest the imagined outcome. This is the power of energy creating new matter.

In closing I would like to say that you need to be clear on what you want. Then use a relaxed approach and have fun creating your own meditation movies to bring about desirable results in your life. They allow you to experience your dreams before they become real. You are creating future memories.

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