This is a wonderful, soulful podcast, where author and psychotherapist Junie Swadron draws out the best from me. I sensed a definite soul connection between the two of us which allowed me to be vulnerable and speak freely. It is such a special gift to feel heard, understood, and appreciated. Thank you, Junie!

This is Junie’s introduction:

“In this episode, I talk with fellow author Dorothea Gordon. Dorothea is a retired high school teacher for foreign languages. But her real passion has always been in the alternative, non-invasive health field. Over the course of her own eventful life, she encountered many amazingly effective healing modalities.

With her usual passion, she embraced the ones she liked best. She uses them not only for herself, but also for the benefit of others. Dorothea studied handwriting analysis to help her students. This led to research in past life regressions which which made her look at life from a completely different angle.

She then studied energy medicine which deepened her awareness that dis-ease often has an underlying soul aspect. Later, Dorothea added Somatic Experiencing skills to relieve trauma and auricular (ear) laser acupuncture for folks who don’t like needles. Her final achievement is a certificate as a Transformational Life Coach which allows her to nurture her clients souls as well as their bodies. She now combines all these techniques in her health practice.

In her book, When Life Has Other Plans, Dorothea relates the many gifts she has received from her difficult life path.  The emphasis of the book is on the unfolding of her spiritual gifts and the joy they have gradually brought her over the last 40 years.

Listen to my conversation with Dorothea L. Gordon here.”

Dorothea L. Gordon on the Soul Connection Podcast