Breaking out of predictable routine

Dorothea Gordon

Many times, when I meet someone interesting and compatible, I spontaneously invite them to get together again and continue the connection. Nine times out of ten I never hear from that person again which makes me sad but doesn’t surprise me. People may feel put on the spot or uncomfortable with someone who speaks and acts from the heart.

Spontaneity is the opposite of routine because it’s not pre-meditated, it’s meant to bring joy to the giver as well as the receiver. That’s why it’s so delightful to be I the company of children; they do everything so freely. Once they start school their desire to be spontaneous gets curbed. They learn to conform to prescribed rules. I observed this development with interest because I taught school from Kindergarten to grade 12.

Many times, I ‘cooked my goose’ when I spontaneously did or said things which others couldn’t comprehend. When I first moved to Canada, some family members tried to educate me about what was acceptable in this society. They kept saying “But Dorothy, you can’t say/do that!” They didn’t give me the benefit of the doubt that I came from a different culture where spontaneity had been encouraged.

It’s still going on and I often feel misunderstood, constricted, and rejected because I have to hide my lively self in order to fit in with the local norm. But when I am with like-minded people, I let loose. The energy flows from my heart into the room and lights it up. People come alive and tap into their own aliveness and spontaneity because they feel safe. It’s magical to watch this process unfold.

In conclusion I would like to invite you to observe how spontaneous you allow yourself to be. When you notice your reservations see what happens when you put them aside. For more inspiration you may want to read my book and subscribe to my newsletter.

When Life Has Other Plans...
...Discover the Hidden Gifts

Dorothea tells the story of her unusual awakening to the many gifts Life had been offering her - once she was able to see them. Her messages bring deep insights, peace, and solace to those who find themselves in challenging or unexpected circumstances and are searching for meaning and ways to deal with them. 

By opening up her heart Dorothea addresses the many opportunities for growth embedded in these lessons. Coming from the perspective of a spiritual being having a human experience she shows that there is a way out of suffering by using her own challenging experiences as examples. With humour and practical suggestions, she inspires readers to use their new-found awareness to create a more fulfilling reality.

If you’ve been craving a more meaningful existence, you may find this easy to read book a great source of motivation.

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