Have you ever wondered why your life has turned out the way it did? Why you can’t get what you really want? Is there perhaps a plan for your life which you must adhere to? You may find important answers when you listen to the following podcast ‘The Blueprint of Your Life’.

In this episode Johnny Burke enters with me into the secrets of the Invisible World and how it affects us. I get to share my metaphysical experiences, my work with energy medicine, past life regressions, and angelic beings.

We talk about un-winged angels, ‘Earth Angels’, who are often friends, neighbours, colleagues, and so on. They are here to help us in daily life and to guide us to greater understanding of our life’s purpose.
The ‘Winged Angels’ are invisible energy beings whose purpose is to support us. But we need to ask them specifically. They will help us if it’s for our highest good. They protect and guide our souls.

Johnny also asks about how handwriting analysis turned into a tool for research in past life regressions, and how spirits showed up to guide me into the “planned” direction. Listeners become aware that they are never alone. There is a whole different world around them that’s as real as the world they can see with their physical eyes.

If you want to access the Invisible World, you can do so via meditation or through your intuition. You need to become quiet inside so you can either hear that little whispering voice or see the images that surface in your mind’s eye.

Ever since I have moved into a rural area where there is little distraction, I have had had the most amazing soul development. All the energy that went into pursuing entertainment turned into fresh perspectives and new insights. And quite a few of my dreams have come true.

Listen to the podcast here: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/62-the-blueprint-of-your-life-with-dorothea-gordon/id1546447549?i=1000550047216

In closing I want to suggest that if you’d like to know more about this fascinating subject of the paranormal, to check out my book. It will give you the in-depth stories behind what Johnny and I have talked about. And also, the many gifts I received from paying attention when the Invisible World spoke to me during the endless challenges I had to go through.