The Library

Want to keep your brain flexible? Try reading!

Dorothea Gordon

As a voracious reader I must admit that not having access to my local library has created quite a hardship for me. Every time I drive by, I feel a yearning to stop and  browse. Luckily there are shelves in our bus shelter where residents donate books for others to read. I usually start with half a dozen paperbacks and then put most of them back into my book-return-bag because I’m unable to stomach either the contents or the writing style. I’ve become aware of just what a fussy reader I am, stuck in the style of Jane Austen or Mary Higgins Clark.  But I also like good mysteries by Ken Follett or Jeffrey Archer.

Because I deal with so many demanding subjects, I need to balance my over-heated brain with a good ‘mind candy’ book. When I’m lucky and find an author whose work I really enjoy, I often feel disappointed that he/she has only written two other books. I like the ones which are easy to read, clear and concise, warm my heart or make me forget the world around me. Thankfully I discovered a few of those easy reads but the majority of what gets printed and makes the New York bestseller list surprised me. I guess I’m in for a bit of a literary course correction until my library opens again.

In closing I would like to say that instead of watching mind-numbing TV we can engage in mind-enlivening reading like the book I have just written. My readers tell me that they can’t put it down because they need to find out how it all ends. I invite you to treat yourself to a real-life page turner and order the book or subscribe to my newsletter.

When Life Has Other Plans...
...Discover the Hidden Gifts

Dorothea tells the story of her unusual awakening to the many gifts Life had been offering her - once she was able to see them. Her messages bring deep insights, peace, and solace to those who find themselves in challenging or unexpected circumstances and are searching for meaning and ways to deal with them. 

By opening up her heart Dorothea addresses the many opportunities for growth embedded in these lessons. Coming from the perspective of a spiritual being having a human experience she shows that there is a way out of suffering by using her own challenging experiences as examples. With humour and practical suggestions, she inspires readers to use their new-found awareness to create a more fulfilling reality.

If you’ve been craving a more meaningful existence, you may find this easy to read book a great source of motivation.

ISBN-13: 979-8647991843