Dorothea Gordon

Dorothea L. Gordon, B.A., M.Ed. 
invites you to read her inspiring memoir:

When Life Has Other Plans...
...Discover the Hidden Gifts

Dorothea tells the story of her unusual awakening to the many gifts Life had been offering her - once she was able to see them. Her messages bring deep insights, peace, and solace to those who find themselves in challenging or unexpected circumstances and are searching for meaning and ways to deal with them. 

By opening up her heart Dorothea addresses the many opportunities for growth embedded in these lessons. Coming from the perspective of a spiritual being having a human experience she shows that there is a way out of suffering by using her own challenging experiences as examples. With humour and practical suggestions, she inspires readers to use their new-found awareness to create a more fulfilling reality.

If you’ve been craving a more meaningful existence, you may find this easy to read book a great source of motivation.

ISBN-13: 979-8647991843

Thanks so much for sharing your really, really beautiful book and your personal story with me.  It is an easy read, easy to follow and visualize. I have finished it. I was about half way through last night and went to sleep contemplating why the universe brought it to me.  Although our stories are different, there are so very many similarities to mine it was striking. So, as you can imagine, I couldn’t wait to see how it ended! And to realize how you found peace, love, joy now in just being and in nature and not seeking brings a smile to my face and gratitude in my heart. Perhaps that’s the message in this for me.

Kim R.

Victoria, B.C.

OMG this is truly amazing. Now I get how the events and ideas flow one after the other.

And the most important part: you created a Super Ending.

With the final reflection of your own journey, you give your readers a rich and deep invitation to trust themselves and their dreams.

Bravo Amiga!

Gabriela R.

Victoria, B.C.

I finished reading your book last night and really enjoyed the read.  It was so interesting and fascinating in terms of your life experiences and your abilities in the healing world.  

I found it really flowed well, and I loved the lessons at the end of each chapter.

Totally a great human-interest story Dorothea:

  • I felt hopeful – there is hope for all of us, no matter what situation
  • I would recommend it to my friends
  • It provides inspiration for sure and totally inspires me to adopt some of these changes, thoughts, suggestions, and explorations into my own life.
Cynthia S.

Victoria, B.C.

This captivating book tells the story of an ordinary person who turned into an extraordinary woman. Through good and bad times, Dorothea shows how she developed the ability and willingness to learn from life’s lessons. – I can highly recommend this well-written biography to anyone, but especially to those among us who are wanting to learn more about the world beyond our physical senses.

Agnes K.

Victoria, B.C.

It’s a real page turner; I couldn’t stop reading!

Catherine C.

Bowser, B.C.