Because they often contain important messages which inspire us!

The other day I was interviewed via podcast about my book When Life Has Other Plans…Discover the Hidden Gifts.

Zoe Duff of Feilidh Publishing had read my book and felt its message needed to reach other people so they could learn from how I had dealt with my adversities and feel inspired. At present, many folks find themselves in similarly frustrating situations and have no life skills to cope with them. I believe that’s one of the reasons why there has been such a rise in mental health issues.

The fact that 102 000 people listened to my podcast quite amazed me, to say the least. 390 of those liked it, which means that my information resonated with them to indicate their approval. As a lightworker I speak from the heart in the hope of connecting with others whose hearts are looking for the kinds of messages which come through me.

I am aware that I am passing on information which certain people are ready to hear. Eckhart Tolle, for instance, has a message that has reached millions of people but he is basically saying one thing ‘Live in the Now’ in many different ways. There are many other sages whose purpose in life is to wake others up and to become aware of their own power. Do we want to use our thoughts to design a life of suffering or of joy?

In order to come up with intelligent questions for the podcast interview, Zoe perused my book anew and found herself pulled in again by its messages. She confessed that she herself had been in similar challenging situations around the age of 40 and followed her heart to make major changes in her life. This applied to me as well because I was in my early 40s when I finally admitted to myself that I wasn’t living the life I had planned as an enthusiastic young woman. I woke up gradually and it took me another five years to create a new vision for myself.

My daughter is 40 and single and I have recently noticed heart-centered changes in her with regard to her primary focus. She is nurturing her soul with altruistic projects such as volunteering at an animal rescue center and also applying her administrative skills there; a deep interest in minority groups; and taking greater responsibility toward her health. She tells me about other women her age who are starting to ask themselves where their lives are going. They are dissatisfied with their situations and feel restless because their hearts and souls want attention. The latter are starting to make their desires and dreams known.

In closing I would like to say that becoming aware of our inner desires is a sign that we are ready for a shift which can occur at any age as I have learned from my ElderCollege students. Sometimes Life uses force to push us onto a new track or it gently pulls us into a new direction from where we can manifest our vision. All we need to do is listen to our heart which is always there to guide us toward greater fulfilment.

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